The activities are graded Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Check out the different activities and learn something about colour and coding. If you are new to colour and coding, then follow the activities in the order below.



Double rainbow (Photograph by Prof J.C.Roberts)

Rainbows and Colours
Understand rainbows, why we typically think it has 7 colours, and make a colour spinner.

Simulated (idealised) additive colour mixing

Learn RGB colour coding
Values of Red, Green and Blue colours are used to code colours on a computer. Learn how to create different colours from RGB values.

Pint glass with red laser.

Pint Glass Beam Bending
Have fun with a laser pointer.


Virtual Reality

VR rainbow

In part I, learn how to use A-Frame and WebXR to create a Virtual Reality Rainbow.


Advanced coding, CSS and JavaScript

Picture of D3 Data-driven documents

Explore D3 JavaScript programming to Sing a rainbow in D3, JavaScript