We have put together a set of questions that you may have about our site.

What grade are our activities?

We organise the activities by levels, rather than grade or age, because students will have different levels of experience on a topic. But we have tried to keep the language simple enough for a 14 year old, to understand.

What are our levels?

Lessons are categorised as being beginner, intermediate or advanced. Remember, you may be an advanced coder, but know less, for instance, about optics or colour. So you may need to start at a different level in a different topic.

BEGINNER. Maybe you are new to programming, we have some beginner exercises for you. Perhaps you don’t know much about colour, then head to the beginner tasks on colour.

INTERMEDIATE. So you are not a beginner? Perhaps you have done some coding before, or have followed some online courses on colour. So head towards the intermediate levels. Perhaps you know a little about colour, then head towards the ones at intermediate level!

ADVANCED. So, maybe you have done some programming already, and are at passed intermediate stage. You want some more challenges – head towards advanced.

EXPERT. So you are an expert!? You know a lot about coding and colour. Then perhaps you could do the exercise and share with us (and others) how to improve it, adapt it or apply it. But please remember; always be positive, and encouraging and helpful to others. It is an exciting time to learn – we can all learn.

Do the topics align with a specific curriculum?

Not intentionally. We present a wide range of activities, that have been drawn from our own knowledge. They do match with topics we teach, and research we perform (see the About us page).

Will the activities prepare me for an exam?

These activities are not designed to be preparation for a specific examination. However they do provide you with practice activities that will develop your skills. For instance, the coding lessons will hopefully improve your coding skills.

What topics do you include?

Each of the activities are categorised by either beginner, intermediate or advanced, and we classify them by topic. So one way to navigate is to search for activities by topics. These are summarised below:

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