Beginner Colours Data Processing Project Rainbow

Create colour blocks per value – introduction to mapping data to colours

Create blocks of data that represent values. Then map these blocks from a simple array.

Beginner Colours History Project Rainbow

Learn about the relative nature of colour

Critically think about colours; how they can be measured, the environment they are placed within and the emotions they bring.

Beginner Colours Java Processing Project Rainbow

Create a coloured grid in Processing

Learn how to create a grid of coloured shapes, plotted in Processing.

Beginner Colours Processing Project Rainbow

Plot 40 rectangles and circles

Create 40 coloured rectangles, use a for-loop, the critical thinking sheet, and do some code refactoring.

Colours Java Processing Project Rainbow

Create a spectrum of coloured squares in Processing (part 2)

Learn how to use the HSB model, and plot hundreds of coloured squares with different effects.

Beginner Colours Project Rainbow

Learn Hue Saturation and Brightness (HSB) colour coding

Learn about Hue, Saturation and Brightness colour model.

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